Do you own a Beaker Bong?

Do you own a Beaker Bong? Good Reasons To Add these to Your Collection

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If you don’t already own a beaker bong, you don’t know what you are missing out on! These are a must-have for anyone’s bong collection.

Named beaker bongs because they closely resemble the clear glass beakers used in laboratories, beaker bongs are very durable, easy to use and really help to deliver a good buzz without using too much of your chosen herb.

One great thing about beaker bongs is that they are so easy to use. This means that everyone can benefit from using them, from newbies to experienced bong-lovers and everyone in between. Due to their size and design, beaker bongs use lots of water filtration to deliver a really smooth hit.

If you are still undecided, then here are more reasons why you should seriously consider adding them to your collection. You won’t be sorry!

Fun and easy to use

There are very many different beaker bong designs to choose from, so you will be sure to find one that is fun looking and attractive to you. Their general sturdiness and robust design means that they are a good option to pack up and take with you on your travels. They can stand up to some heavy treatment and rough handling much better than more delicate designs.

Reduced spillage and mess

Because of the wide and stable base that beaker bongs have, this makes them even more safe to use as they can stand up better on uneven surfaces. There is less risk of spills of dirty bong water tipping over your furniture and carpets, so would be a good choice to use around your more clumsy friends. Many beaker bongs are made with scientific-grade glass that is less likely to shatter when knocked over onto a hard surface.

Smoother flavour with less coughing

Beaker bongs are designed with wide, flat bases. This means that they can hold more water. This results in a smoother smoking experience through better water filtration. More ash and debris is filtered out through drawing smoke up through a longer neck, so there are less irritants reaching your mouth that can cause coughing fits. You can use hot water to give you a steamy hit that can help to soothe the throat, or use cold water to give you a cool and smooth smoke. If your growing your own from cannabis seed’s, what better way to taste your crop than a super smooth beaker bong.

Our favorite beaker bong at present is the Mentalist Beaker Percolator Bong from Weed Star, its currently £59.,99 down from £79.99 at AliBongos

These are just a few of the many benefits of adding beaker bongs to your collection. You can discover more, but you will need to buy one and try it out to get the full experience. When you combine the unique benefits of lots of water filtration, ease of use, reduced herb consumption, and good durability, it makes sense to want to add beaker bongs to your collection. Why not treat yourself to one today! You certainly won’t regret it.

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